Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chicken Florentine Burgers

The fun thing about working from home (well, one of the many fun things) is that I actually have time to make a plan for dinner and look for fun, new recipes to try.  And because I'm not just getting home from work at 6:30, we usually eat at a decent hour.  Except tonight, since a grocery store trip was seriously in order first, meaning we didn't eat until nearly 9.  Oh well.  I decided on chicken burgers since, while looking for chicken burger recipes a few weeks ago, I found a lot of really interesting ones.  After about 20 minutes of searching and not having any recipes jump out at me, I was tempted to just make the curry chicken burgers again.  I mean they were good.  But then I'd have nothing to write about.  And then I found a recipe for chicken florentine burgers.  If you've ever gone to breakfast, brunch or late night LeSabre with me, you might know my affinity for the combination of spinach, onions and feta cheese.  Particularly in omelet form (this is extra tasty if you add in some bacon).  As per usual, I didn't follow this recipe to the letter, but it made for a great base.

Chicken Florentine Burgers
serves 2
1/2 lb ground chicken
1 very small onion, diced
1 clove of garlic, minced
1/2 package frozen chopped spinach, thawed
1/2 container reduced fat crumbled feta cheese
1 T dijon mustard
1 T bread crumbs
salt & pepper to taste

1. First, prepare the spinach.  You could just let it thaw, which I would've done if I hadn't just bought it, but I nuked it for a few minutes.  Then wrap it in some paper towels and squeeze the moisture out (I think the proper way to do this is with tea towels, but I didn't have any clean ones on hand, so I went with paper towels).

2. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.  This kind of takes a while with all the vegetables, but it'll come together.

3. Shape into giant, delicious patties.  You could probably make at least 3 burgers out of this recipe, now that I think of it.  At least chicken and veggies aren't too bad for you :)

I cooked these on the grill pan.  Since they're so thick, I cooked them for close to half an hour.  Miraculously, they were still pretty moist!  I was surprised that the cheese didn't melt and ooze all over the place, but maybe feta just doesn't do that?  In any event, these burgers were all kinds of delicious.

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  1. Yum! I love the way these sound. Spinach, feta, and onions! I think it takes alot for feta to melt and it was so well incorporated!